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Anywhere Spreadsheet

Anywhere Spreadsheet allows you to create, edit, and save spreadsheets on your Kindle.

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Use and modify the included templates, or create your own to track your budget, log your running miles, maintain a price list, track your gas mileage, do unit conversions...the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Track and calculate important data everywhere you go with Anywhere Spreadsheet.


  • Insert and delete rows and columns
  • Change row height and column width
  • Set background shades and borders
  • Format data as numbers, dates, currency or normal text
  • Format your text by making it bold or italic and by changing its alignment
  • Create charts
  • Import and export data in CSV files to your PC

Included Templates:

  • Sale Price Calculator
  • Temperature Converter
  • Length Converter
  • Percent Calculator
  • Tip Calculator
  • Body Mass Index Calculator
  • Thank-you note list
  • Weight Tracker
  • Running Log
  • Road Trip Log
  • Gas Mileage Log
  • Chore List

To import/export CSV files into Anywhere Spreadsheet:

  1. Using the data cable that comes with your Kindle, connect your Kindle to the USB port on your PC.
  2. On your PC, a window called Auto Play comes up automatically - select Open folder to view files; alternatively you can just use your Windows Start menu: Start->Computer->Kindle.
  3. A window opens up to show the files that are on your Kindle. Click to open the .active-content-data folder. This is where applications store data on the Kindle. There is one folder for each active-content title that stores data on your Kindle.
  4. Click on the folder with this number: "8a5b8dae313d9ef80131961f789b0007" It's a big number, but notice that is starts with "8a5b8" and ends with "789b0007" to narrow down which folder you need.
  5. Now open the folder "work". (Some users may see a folder called "user". If it is there, then open this folder; otherwise don't worry about it. This is where Anywhere Spreadsheet stores it's data files. To Import a CSV file to Anywhere Spreadsheet, copy it from your PC to this folder. The next time you start up Anywhere Spreadsheet, select Import from the main menu, and you will see the file that you copied into this folder.
  6. To Export a CSV file from your Kindle to your PC, from a spreadsheet on your Kindle, press the Menu key and select File->Export. Name the file. Now when you connect your Kindle to your PC and navigate to the user folder as described above, you will see your exported CSV file. Simply copy it to a folder on your PC.

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